Download Alterna V3.0

Click on the download link and save the file to your computer. Run the file and choose a folder on your pc to extract it to. Having done this go to that folder and click the Alterna.exe file and the program should run. If you can't see the game you might need to get the Flash Player from Macromedias site.

Well here it is, V3.0 of Alterna.  This updates the battle system to a real time based system, vastly improves equipping stuff, and even adds a touch more story.

That's about it really, please leave a comment in the guestbook, any feedback welcome, views on the speed of the ATB, bugs in the save system etc.  My thanks if you do or have left a comment :)

The game was programmed entirely by me in Flash 5, and I drew nearly all the sprites. The music and sounds in there are borrowed and occasionally modified from various SNES games and other sources.

Sorry I didn't act on the V1 feedback at all fast, I either hadn't had the time or the inclination to work on the game  >_<  Adding feedback to the guestbook does eventually encourage me to sit down and get coding.  :)

A fortnight ago I released a version fixing (or hopefully fixing) the reported bugs. Several requests were for a save system. This is not something Flash seems to like people doing. So to get round it I turned the game into a program in its own right, so now rather than playing it online you will now have to download it by clicking the above link.

Filesize has been reduced in this version, as I incorporated a midi player into the program. This means that the bulky MP3s that make up half the filesize of the old game that only got played once or twice such as the theme tunes have been replaced with midi files a tenth of the size. I've made a lot of changes to the game, however most of those changes are the system sort that no-one ever sees!  Some parts had to be changed to make them save game compatible, (the level up procedure in particular comes to mind), and also while doing other things  I looked at other parts of the game, wondered how they ever worked, and "fixed" them. More often than not I spent the remaining morning trying to repair the damage I'd done. It does mean though that the game should be slightly more streamlined now, and even if it doesn't I feel better about the new less sloppy / or easier to use code.

Of course these new changes mean new bugs, especially with loaded games. I've ironed out as many as I can find, but I highly doubt I've found them all...however saving should mean you don't have to start the thing from the beginning, and reporting the bug in the guestbook should get it fixed in the next version.

After playing please, please do leave a comment using the below link, about what you liked/disliked or how it could by improved or reporting any bugs and irregularities you find or commenting on the new format or anything else. Thanks, and try to enjoy the game :)

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Default Controls - can be set in Options

Arrow Keys : Move Around
Mouse: Click buttons
Z : Confirm/Talk/Continue
X : Cancel
C : Access Menu

Battle shortcut keys
A=attack, T=tech, both followed by number key of tech/enemy/character (1,2,or 3)
I=item, D=defend, R=run.