Here's all the junk I've ever posted on this site, in chronologically decending order

08.07.06 -  Descending.

Things are kind of odd for me at the moment. After my exams finished I was then free of constant revision (the month beforehand I basically dropped off the face of the earth), and then after a week or two of relaxation was just left with dealing with stuff like cleaning up the rented house and moving all my stuff back.

Then when I got home I had another week of rest, and now this week I've been bustling around attending interviews for summer placements to earn some much needed money, and covering for my mother, who's away for the week in taking my sister around various college open days, school things, and clubs.

My car (which I also had to take for its MOT at the beginning of this week) hasn't been used this frequently since I was driving into 6th form every day! (Incidentally, what got me thinking about this was that I had to take the route which I drove every day to get there to get to her club today, and it occured to me that it must be the first time in a year (or certainly a good eight months) that I'd taken that route. And it me feel somewhat nostalgic about those days in 6th form...)

Anyway, enough babbling.

06.06.06 -  The day of Lucifer?

I've finally finished all my exams! Three in four days, and then a week later five in six days x_x

And when I was writing the date on my paper today it struck me that it was obviously time for an update (On that note I missed 04.05.06... ) And in regards to the title I may have had a little of the devils luck today! The paper that I ph34red the most turned out to be relief-inducingly easy!

08.03.06 -  Hmmm...

Low on HP?  Pick up one of these guys...

Oh, I didn't poison myself by the way.  Though even if I did, I could probably just have imported an Antidote ;)

28.02.06 -  Quarternal.

Yo. The reason for this update? Well because today's not going to happen again for another four years. Therefore I shall add it to my date collection up here on the site :)

As is the normal I have, and have had nothing interesting to write about, therefore I have written not.

See you next time I want to see a day of the year that takes my fancy in print ;)

(Oh, and hopefully I'll be eating pancakes sometime later on. Mmmm.)

UPDATE: I fail at pancake making. I mixed the batter OK, but about 9 tries of making the pancakes themselves, and I only got something I was prepared to eat (and that still didn't look very good) on the last two attempts.
Finally I had to wash up and clean the kitchen for about an hour after having my pathetic two small 'pancakes' :(

If you don't hear from me again then I've probably managed to give myself some sort of fatal strain of food poisoning.

07.06.05 -  Dates are good.

Uni exams are over.


Also I exercised my creative skills messed around in Paint Shop Pro to produce a new background for the site.

29.05.05 -  Untitled

A fortnight or so?  Yeah right.
I think it's just a question of being in the mood to write...which as it happens I'm generally not.
EDIT: I shall now proceed to contradict myself:

E3.  If you haven't seen them already check out the Zelda:Twilight Princess teaser for the Gamecube, and the Final Fantasy 7 technical demo (It shows after the advert does, or you can save to disk from one of the links) which apparently shows what the PS3 can do.
They're mostly in Quicktime format, so do your PC a favour, and install Quick Time Alternative, rather than the official bloaty player.  While I'm on the subject, there's also a Real Alternative for playing Real Player files (you really don't want Real junk on your machine). Both include plugins for Firefox and IE, and use MediaPlayerClassic (included with the downloads for offline playback)
The FF7 tech demo looks very pretty and impressive (I had to go back and watch the original in FF7 after seeing it) but I'm a little cynical about the fact that this is supposed to be rendered in realtime. In fact a fair degree of cynicism is what I feel when I look at the specs for the PS3 and Xbox 360...  Still only time will tell. Also Clouds face looks a little too angular in the demo...

Personally I can't understand why Square will label FF11 as a Final Fantasy Game (which is just wrong, being a MMORG) in order to draw some extra cash from those who just see the FF label, but don't seem to be making any noise making a revamped FF7.  They would make a frigging bomb on game and console sales. They haven't said they won't though, so the demo could just be to gauge public reaction.

Twilight Princess.  This is what we're talking about Nintendo :)
This is the sort of thing I want to see in a Zelda game. The graphics for Wind Waker appalled me at first, but when I got around to playing the game they weren't too bad, but I can't say I was a big fan. Also the game itself was pretty mediocre compared to Ocarina of Time. Judging from the trailer this has the potential to be something a lot better.

05.05.05 -  The neatest day of the year

So I haven't updated for months (or about a third of a year to be precise).
So I'll try to write some junk now. This post is purely because its the fifth of the fifth of the fifth wherever you are. Except if you live in China or somewhere that keeps a different tally of years.

My absence is hardly because I've been busy...more like lazy, and having nothing of note to write about.

I mean I could say that first year Computer Science at Uni is on the whole pretty simple if you've ever coded before, or taken any previous computing/electronics related courses. But it's kinda boring isn't it?
Besides, the number of people that read this are a small handful of friends, and bored people who've wondered here from elsewhere.
I suppose I could have written about the games I've been playing (Chrono Cross, Grandia) since I got here...but I just havn't, due to lack of effort and stuff.

Still, this isn't too hard right? Just rambling on about junk. I mean I've written all of this already.
Like in the next few months I could get off my ass and talk about Grandia, which is what I'm playing now. It's better than just empty space right?
Or I just ordered Guild Wars. It will basically be my first MMORG (well ish. I did play a text-based Diskworld MUD for a short while years ago)

So in fact, maybe I have got material to write about (somewhat boring/geeky as it is), and it's just a question of writing and sharing it...so maybe check back in a fortnight or so :)

25.12.04 -  Merry Christmas

As in the title.  Have a nice day everyone :)

18.12.04 -  Tweakin'

I attacked the CSS again today, after a thought occured to me, and now all cylinders are firing on Firefox, IE, and Opera. Woohoo!

Of course the only people that will see the difference are those using Opera...

08.11.04 -  A fine line.

I had a play around with the CSS holding this page together today, with the result that the page now looks more consistant in Firefox and Internet Explorer. However if I do so much as border the divs it breaks everything o_o; Still it all works at the moment, and doesn't break with zooming, resizing, and throwing many different resolutions at it.

However, this has had the side effect of b0rking Opera (which used to display exactly the same as Firefox, just sans the title div with the image in for some odd reason...). Now the main div doesn't get shunted to the side of the links one in it. I'm sorry any Opera users reading! >_<

08.10.04 -  ...

...I should make an update really, I just don't have anything to say...maybe later.

23.08.04 -  An unexpected update.

As of this morning Morphic, my desktop changing program is now in version 2.  I found a very simple way to add jpg support >_< See The Mophic page for info and download this much more useful program. If you find bugs then do report them in the guestbook.

Edit: Found an annoying bug today, whenever the resolution was changed (like to play a game), the desktop picture was lost.  I think this was because something along the way doesn't like overly long paths. I think I've fixed/worked around this now though for released version 2.1. Tell me if I haven't please.

21.08.04 -  Round, round, and round we go...

So boring...anyway today I updated the link writing code (so it worked in the SNES chars section), and made some cooler error pages to replace the default ones such as the 404 one.

Also completed Terranigma in 14 hours play-time (without trying to rush), and with constantly high levels.  Years and years ago, back when I first played it, it took me literally months to get from the start of the game to the point at which humans are resurrected.  In this I'd done it in 4 hours...

The final play-time for my first game ended up being was about 34 hours. But those 34 hours were spaced over quite a long period, since I left it alone for months after reaching Bloody Mary, then after reaching Beruga's red robot, and THEN after reaching Dark Gaia.   I don't think I'd quite got the idea of leveling up in those days though.

23.07.04 -  What is this "upe - dayte" you speak of?

Hahaha, I was in a silly mood, so I just entered some random words into Google.   Check out this site I found, si ynnuf!

Well that's all your update for this month. I haven't got a lot to talk about as of late.

18.06.04 -  The English alphabet has 26 letters, but it could live without z

I read a good quote the other day.  We bitch all the time about how cold it is in England, but when it gets hot we bitch even louder. Haha, great.

Also the new "Winstripe" defalt Mozilla 0.9 theme is fugly. And for once I'm not the only person who thinks so, various places seem full of it from a quick Google around.  
However the old "Qute" theme is available here, with one immediately noticable difference. There are no bars between the seperate toolbars...why not??

23.05.04 -  I missed 06.05.04 :(

I was going to write about Xenogears again, and how Disk 2 was lame compared to the first, and my annoyance that it doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to use Elly in the final boss battle, who was mostly in my party throughout the game, and hence was my 2nd best character...but I can't be bothered now...

13.04.04 - Resistance is futile.  You will be assimilated.  We are Microsoft...

Me again.  Just updated the links page a little, mainly just to do a bit of advertising for Mozilla Firefox.   Head over there and take a look.  Either there.

01.04.04 - Ooops

So I didn't update last month...blah.

Everyone seems to be showing a remarkable lack of spirit today.  So far today I've only seen one small online April Fools joke (and that was cuz I'd let my guard down after seeing none of the big sites I normally visit doing stuff.  I swear that last year that half the internet was doing it.  Anyway, later (who knows how much later though ;) ).

EDIT: Ahh, good old Dom and Megatokyo :)  Must have put that up since ^^

29.02.04 - Because it doesn't happen a lot

OK,  I decided to update...however I'm not quite sure what to update about...I was writing something about Xenogears, the game I acquired about a week ago, but then I deleted what I was saying, as the games hardly new (released by Square for PSX in 1998 and only in an NTSC format.)

However despite that (and not a very big despite) it's a cool game.  It's not just a FF game in all but name, there are some distinct differences.  The main one of these is the battle system.  While the style is ATB based the actual combat has some interesting tweaks.  Characters can attack more than once per turn, in combinations of the square, triangle, and cross buttons, depending on the number of ...attack pointy things you have >_<  For example Fei the main character started off with 3, but now he's got 6.  Each button uses a certain number of these points (X - 3, [] - 2, ^ - 1).

And that's not all.  If you read a review the term 'Gears' will have come up by the 2nd line.  Gears are giant controllable mechs which you can also battle with, and the style changes slightly.   While you can buy armour, accessories etc for characters, you can also buy new engines, armour and framework to power up your gears.  This is pretty cool :)  

Now some other stuff about the game.  One majorly annoying thing is the controls. You can't change the damn things.  Now since the SNES, and in FF7/8? A (or the PSX O) has generally been talk, and B cancel.  If it hasn't been (FF9, possibly FF8), then you've been able to change them.  In this you're stuck with it, so while I'm getting better at it, I still find myself using items on people by accident in the menu screen, and cancelling thing I don't mean to.   Grr.

Another thing I was surprised to see is sprite based character graphics, as seen on the SNES.  But the backgrounds look to be polygon based...maybe Square was experimenting.   So with the rotatable camera angle this is rather an odd feature.

Anyway enough writing now.     

14.02.04 - What day is it again?

...No comment today.  Have fun everyone.

24.01.04 - One Month Later...

I thought I'd better update this bit at least once this month.  I did actually do a bit of modification early on in the month (changing background picture 'cuz I felt like it, and the link colour to make links easier to read), I just didn't feel the need to post saying that I'd done so.

I'll end this by thanking everyone who's visited since the site since it went up :)

24.12.03 - Good Tidings

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year as well, y'all visiting :)  

The stats have been pretty good this month (depending on which ones you look at). That's about it, and funny thing this, out of all the websites I visit regularly, only 2 have updated. I wonder why... 

12.12.03 - Brightly shone the Moon...

I'm bored...I haven't had a lot to do as of late...computer related stuffs to do just seems very limited at the moment, Alterna's dull plot just hit a brick wall, and  Idon't know where to take it next, the internet is being a duller place, with people busying for Christmas in their real lives, so asides from when all my favourite webcomics update there isn't a lot to look at on the web...

I haven't been in a gaming mood the last week either, so most of my times just been spent sitting around wandering what the hell I feel like doing...I might go into town tomorrow just for a change of scenery, and to see what presents I'd buy if  a) I had any money, and b) I had anyone to buy presents for.
Also c) If the aforementioned town had any  presents worth buying if a) and b) where the case.  No is the answer I'm guessing at.

...heh, anyway that's it for my bored talk. Hope you enjoyed. o_O

06.12.03 - And here it is...

Alterna V3.0 is finally up.  If you've read all my previous posts about it, and then play it, you'll probably be wondering what all the fuss is about.  

Anyway head over to the the Alterna Page and give it a download :)

06.12.03 - Silent Night

The page needed a little christmasing up, hence the new background (Well, it's got a little bit of seasonal red on it).  Anyway, I've forced myself into getting Alterna to a fit state for another update(!).  I've done a bit more story, which is easily the hardest part, and I'm adding a few small touches, and tidying up a few bits. Look for it in the next few days :)

23.11.03 - That's 2 in one month!

Just a little spring cleaning, I've moved a few of these bits into the new archive page to make this page  look cleaner (though it also makes it look a bit emptier...).  

On an Alterna related note, I can't find the effort to do any more to it at the moment, I did try the other day, though...This is quite annoying, cuz there's some cool stuff in there, like the ATB, and different weapons, and better equipping stuff...Ah well.

20.11.03 - For the sake of an update

Remember me? Nope?   Oh well.  I'm close to completing FF tactics anyway, with 287 / 300 missons complete, and Marche is now a dual katana weilding ninja with all the thief techs.  Steal Ability rules.  Rather than going through the boring process of equipping a character with an appropriate weapon while being in a certain job, all you have to do is find an NPC, say for example a Fighter, and steal all his abilities. Excellent :)  Marche is now proficient in jobs I've never even given him.  Also Ritz is shaping up to be a dangerous assassin.

That's all for now, cyas.

19.10.03 - FFTa

Severe drop of traffic this month as opposed to last, maybe its all moved on to greener pastures...or possibly I haven't posted anything new since the start of the month >_<

OK, FF9s been put to the side for the moment, I've become immersed in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.  It's rather scarily addictive, and I quite often find myself in the middle of a battle without remembering even starting playing...As in the name it's an RPG with tactical based battles, akin to Shining Force 2 on the Mega drive. It does break you in fairly easily if you're new to tactical battles though, which I cant remember SF2 doing. 

I can't quite say what makes the game so addictive though...The storyline's nothing new, Marche is yet another boy trying to get home.  Anyway in doing so Marche finds himself leader of one of Ivalice's clans.  However the storyline isn't a big part of this game...It just attempts to link bits of it together, before and after various battles.

The main part of this game is the missions you can choose to take from the pub.  These mostly consist of battles for various reasons, occasionally with the odd bit of storyline lumped in with them, but there are other missions you can dispatch your clan members on as well (but not play).

There are several races clan members can be (Square-Enix have been jumping on the races bandwagon for this and FF11), and of course there are the jobs.  This is similar to FF5 where you can make characters Thieves, Black Mages, Ninjas etc.  However there are a lot more than there were back then, some more useful than others.  Each race is limited to the jobs they can get, for instance you won't find a Moogle Ninja (aww), or oddly enough a human dragoon.   Also only a few jobs are available to low level characters at the start of the game, you gain more, as you get more abilities, i.e. A human Soldier on learning 2 fight abilities can then be made a Fighter, or a Paladin.  

Now it would have been great if they'd kept FF5s Ability system for all these jobs, but they've simply replaced it with the system straight out of FF9.  Now this is a good system for games of FF9s ilk, but I'm not to keen on it for this game.  

From the tone of this review you're probably wondering what the hell is so addictive....me too.  But it just is, possibly due to all the possible character/ability combinations possible.  My Marche is a ninja with steal techs, how cool is that.  HE can either kick ass, or steal the Armour, Helmet, accessory, or shield of an enemy. (No thieving weapons yet...but I'm still looking for a dagger with the appropriate command B) ).

Anyway if you're interested go see http://ffta.nintendo.com for more info, and pretty pictures also.

24.09.03 - nn (  0  o) nn

I suppose I really should be updating, so all this supposed traffic visiting the site doesn't get bored and stop...However these little insert bits are hard to think of, as I don't do a lot funny, or of interest to most people.  Nothing much to say about the game, which has to be the main feature, except I've improved equipping stuff since the last update (the 4th, doh >_< ) but not a lot else, but it's not really in a fit state to be released, what with the new bugs from ATB system I mentioned last time.  If you want to see it anytime soon, do sign the guestbook, and I might get around to doing some more to it.   I haven't really been in a programming mood as of late.
         Anyway that's it, just to say I haven't forgotten this place...yet.

04.09.2003 - Lies, Damn lies, and Statistics

I'm not sure of roughly how many visitors I've had any more...the help file provided with them has done a good job of confusing me as to their actual meaning.  However the most likely candidates for number of unique users viewing the page are all over 100 now... Anyway that's not why I'm here.  College or  whatever you wish to call it has started again, so I no longer have lots of free time to be wasted :( This means updates here may become more erratic, and game production will slow (Yes even more :p ). (I'm quite impressed that I managed to sit down and build some more level the other day, wit possible story to accompany it...however I think I ended up writing a procedure to make all the doors work better...)

29.08.03 - Or "who needs design and graphics teams anyway"

Thanks to all 67 people who've visited the site. Surprisingly enough this is the real figure, as opposed to the hit counter (the one I can't be bothered to fix) down the bottom of the page, that's permanently fixed on 1. 

Just a short update today, for those interested in Alterna; when I dragged myself away from playing the fairly fun "swing Steiner and Marcus around in a cage game" I decided to break...I mean update its battle system again.  It now uses a FF-esque ATB system...Also last night, just to see if I could I made it so that equipping different weapons on Dao make them look different...again as found in FF...It turned out I could, so now I have to update all the other characters so they can do the same thing (Yes characters. There are 3 excluding Mei that can't be found in the released game due to the fact that I can't integrate them into the story at it's current point. I always manage to successfully distract myself from coding story).  That's about  4x11=44 sprites on the agenda. Not to mention drawing the weapons as well (Which isn't really a big deal).  Heh my game's just an incredibly cut down FF...

25.08.03 - Rambling

Maybe I'll write a bit about things occasionally, just to make the place look more cared for...It might even give you something to read.

Anyway Alterna production has all but ceased due to being introduced to Final Fantasy 9.  At first I was dubious due to the fairly freaky looking characters...but they grow on you.  The game has a nice refreshing feel to it, it's got a much more old-school theme to it than FF7 and 8, and things like the medieval-esque music, and the different style of background graphics, character design, and the little speech bubble things add to this. I've got nothing against 7, or even 8 (which I don't see amazingly deserves its place in most eyes as the worst in the series, but hey I didn't think Mystic Quest for the SNES was that bad either) , but various factors made 8 feel like a sort of extension to 7, and I'm glad Square didn't do the same thing with 9. The fight scene in the play was fun, I did several encores before actually getting on with the game.

Further things to recommend it are a main character with Steal. Square normally manage to give the best abilities to the people I don't either like or use much (read Locke, Strago, Ayla, Quistis, among many others). This is why the materia system ruled so much, the abilities of your choice on anyone.  

The blue magic system in 9 is...interesting to say the least. Meeting Quina was a surprise.  A blob that eats enemies to gain blue magic. Yay!  And SCANDAL!  No chocobo theme tune when you ride Choco!

And lastly Trance is not my favourite limit system.  It's coming up to the end of a battle against a couple of bog standard enemies and, oh look. Zidane's trancing again... I've probably only had a character go into trance in a boss battle twice. Maybe 3 times.

There we go, 20 minutes of ramblage, now I'm off to eat people again :)

20.08.03 - New Website

I've been talked into buying this shiny new website. What will I do with all the space and bandwidth? 

Well if I was a good artist I could stick pictures I've drawn up here...unfortunately I'm not, so you don't get to see my drawings. You're not missing out on anything.

 My track record as a web designer is pretty poor.  I make a site, update it for about a month, then  get bored of it and leave it alone until I'm told to do otherwise, or need to update something on it.

So this site will just be hosting the things I deem fit to put up on it, like my flash games, and occasional programs that I write (that's one so far).  Pretty much like TriFire really, only with a new name and slightly different layout, and hopefully a more attentive webmaster. But don't count on it.


Anyway the site is now online and running. Be sure to check out Alterna, now on version 2 and complete with save system, and leave me some feedback (on it or on the site) in the slightly updated guestbook. I like feedback.