Collected together here are all the files that are up for download elsewhere on the site, and also some other bits.



Alterna v3.0 - The latest version of my Alterna game.

Alterna v2.0 - Just in case you want to see what's changed in V3.

My Desktop Changer - Morphic


Icon and Cursor files I've created

Miscellaneous Chrono Trigger icons - 17 in set

Miscellaneous Final Fantasy 3/6 icons - 31 in set

Animated Chrono Trigger Cursors - Magus, Marle, and Lucca


Midi file collections from various SNES games - both original, and remixed versions that people have made available.

Chrono Trigger midi Files

Final Fantasy 3/6 midi Files

Breath of Fire 2 midi files



Other than the programs, which are self extracting .exe files, these files are all in .zip format.  This means that if you don't have Windows XP you need some sort of unzipping program such as WinZip.

To change an icon for a shortcut, right click on the shortcut, click Properties, then click on the 'Change Icon' box, and browse to the folder in which you saved the downloaded icons, and finally choose the one you want to use.

To change cursors click on the Start Menu, then on Settings, Control Panel, Mouse, and then click on the Pointers tab. Click on a cursor you want to change, then browse to the folder where the cursors are saved, and select the one you want to use.  Or download Morphic to change cursors and wallpaper easily!