Well it's hardly complete without a links page...It's just one of those things.  Oh well, here's a few of the things in my favourites menu.

CT Online
A very good and detailed site about Chrono Trigger, perhaps one of the best games ever.

An online webmanga.  Excellent drawing and also fairly funny if read from the start.

9th Elsewhere
This webmanga's cool as well, it's both drawn and told very well.  Bear in mind it's a bit different from the other webcomics mentioned here though.

8-bit Theater - A webcomic based the original NES Final Fantasy.

SoM Theater - And another webcomic, using short flash movies, based on Secret of Mana for the SNES.

VG Music - Thousands of midi files for console games.

Digital Blasphemy - A very cool site, providing some wicked wallpaper.

Mozilla Firefox - Mozilla

Down with IE!  Seriously though, the browser of many names (3 so far, but Mozilla Firefox is supposed to be copywrited now) kicks its bloated ass (But only once you've applied appropriate modifications).
Give it a try, and before long you won't be able to use IE and its lack of tabbed browsing!

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