What is Morphic?  It's a cool little desktop changing program I wrote, that randomly picks stuff like desktop wallpaper and mouse cursors at startup, depending on what options you set.

Update: A year after leaving this program untouched in Version 1.0, this morning I found out about, and implemented jpg support. It was so simple to do, and it makes the thing so much more usable for most people that I really should have looked into it when I first created Morphic.

Download it and give it a go.  Simply download the exe file by clicking here, then run it, and extract its contents to the folder of your choice, run Morphic.exe, and then start setting things up.

I tried to make it as easy to use as possible, and tested it it pretty thoroughly for bugs. The preferences window lets you add shortcuts to the Start menu and the desktop to either run the program or change round what you've set to be changed.

This is also available from the downloads section, where there are also some custom cursor files you can use with it.



1st August 2003: Version 1 released.

23rd August 2004: Version 2 released.